Manage Marketing

Creating campaign – Social Media, Advertising, newsletter etc.Create special offers – Product discounts, customer loyalty promotions, seasonal discounts.Get reports of each campaign – What is the reach?  Who are the audience?Companies can effectively plan marketing activities to improve the process of quality lead generation and measure the performance and effectiveness of campaigns.

Manage Leads

Record details of leads and their requirement.Follow-up on the lead by scheduling meetings/phone calls.Converting a lead to an opportunity.

Leads can be obtained through various marketing techniques. Once the leads are collected, it is essential to manage them and follow them up until the leads qualify to prospective customers. The sales department's approach in managing leads can significantly impact the success of an organization.

User Management

Register Company Staff Register Customers Register Suppliers Define roles / user types Users will be registered through this module. Each user type will have different configurations. E.g.

When registering company’s sales/marketing, employee will have to set targets, where as for customer/supplier registration it will not be required. 

The system will have a role management system which will give access to system modules based on the user type. After the users are registered the company can monitor performance based on their respective user type.

Manage Members/Accounts

Manage Customer Accounts , Manage Suppliers , Manage Employees  , Business to Business scenario , account represents a Company or a Department within the company, with which your organization is currently doing business with or is planning to do business with in the future. An account stores the company address, number of employees, annual revenue, and other details.

You can associate an account with contacts (persons) within the company and the potentials (business opportunities) during pre-sales. After successful completion of the sale, you can also provide Customer Support & Service.


Record sales ,Generate invoices ,Monitor sales and sales team performance , Complete the sales management cycle , order processing and invoicing system.This module forecasts short and long term sales performance of a company which is an important measurement of company's growth and success. Factors such as sales history, sales team and their performance, industry trends, can be considered while predicting sales targets. It also provides an overall picture of the company's sales pipeline, as well as individual performances of the sales team.

Inventory Management

Manage product life cycle end-to-end,Creates different price lists for products,Procure products from the selected list of vendors The inventory module allows users to track procurement of goods or services from the preferred list of vendors. It also helps to manage pre-sales and post-sales activities.

Support and Help Desk

Manage support tickets end-to-end,Notify status of the support tickets to the customers,Track complete history of the support tickets.Customer Support tickets can be used to capture customer feedback on various types of issues that arise after purchasing a product or service from a company. Sometimes customers provide good feature requests, which may be useful for future product development or service enhancements. Over a period of time, customer support helps the organization to build a knowledge base that allows to solve the repetitive problems using limited resources. 


Notifications , To-do list – Priority Tasks , Meeting Schedules , Customer Notifications  The reporting module allows users to generate reports based on their criteria. The reports can be generated based on all major modules, E.g. What was the marketing technique used for a particular sale and which sales person handled it.


Sales pipeline analysis by sales stage , Monthly Sales pipeline analysis , Sales opportunities by lead source , Drill-down the dashboards by time and opportunity stage. Display yearly calendar with events and reminders. Dashboard can have notifications, To-Do lists, Meeting and Event schedules. Also it can consist of pictorial representation of the company progress, such as trends in sales, marketing, support, inventory, etc. E.g. The company can glance through the dashboard for products that are selling fast over a period of time, compare the current quarter sales with previous quarter sales, or compare the actual sales to the projected sales.

Manage Delivery

Create Delivery suppliers, Create Delivery schedule, Track delivery, Many companies offer delivery as an additional service, hence it would be beneficial to integrate a delivery management system into the CRM which will make the delivery process more effective. This module allow users to create third party delivery agents and create schedules for delivery of products. As an additional option if customers require we can integrate a Fleet Management module that would allow users to manage their own fleet.